Feb 29, 2008

risk management

who is jobless out there? here's some jobs for you to consider. what about risk management jobs? well, at A.E. Feldman Associates maintains close and active relationships with the leading accounting and risk management consulting firms, and leading domestic and international banks and other financial institutions, including some of the hottest hedge funds in the industry.their currently active jobs categories include business, financial and quantitative analysis, corporate finance and financial management, trading, compliance, all form of risk management, marketing and sales and many many more. i think all this are very challenging jobs whereby you will sure get to learn a lot. and having this kind of experience sure will be handy in future time.


Chris Stormer said...

The risk management degree is really a need of the hour these days. This degree could make the student earn name and fame simultaneously

Chris Stormer said...

If we are an unemployed then we should search on the internet for some jobs. There are a lot many job opportunities which are there on the web the only thing we have to do is that we have to find a job according to our needs.

Record Management said...

yea it makes sense... with so many lawsuits on a daily basis, companies are going to want to have the most protection/prevention possible.

Taylor Swift Albums said...

thanks for sharing! i'll take it into account!