Oct 23, 2008

shopping online

there are a lot of online shopping stores nowadays. shopping online has already become a habit for almost everyone who has access to the internet. shopping online not only makes shopping more convinient but there are also a lot of variety to choose from from all over the world. different kinds of items from different countries make it more interesting to compare the items online.

many traditional online sites will just only show you stores that have paid for placement. but there is a site, which i discover will give a shopper everything. Shopwiki is such a site. if you are shopping for a luggage bag like me, all you have to do is just type out the word luggage and it will gove you a list of luggage availables and most importantly, things to consider when buying a luggage bag. if you are looking for luggage bag with brands, you only need to just type out the brand name and voila, a list of luggage bag with the brand name will appear.

it is a very useful site to use because it not only does offer advice when buying an item online. for example, when i am buying a luggage bag, it also advice me what type of bag i should buy if i am bringing it overseas by flight. there are also a lot of related products shown to you just in case you would like to check it out.

Sep 16, 2008

i am back...

so finally i am back to blogging. it has been (wait, let me check a while).... WOW!!!! it has been almost two months since i last blogged. hhmmm.... so what have i been up to for those 2 mths? actually not much, but a lot of things happened.

one of it was the passing of my grandpa. *sob sob*... i still remember that fateful day when i was still sleeping away in the morning when my mom called kj's hp becos i off my hp when i slept. i immediately knew something was wrong becos my family won't called kj's phone even they can't get through to me. and yeah, the bad news came. actually i was kinda expecting the day but never thought it will be so soon. the night before, when i called my mom, my parents was still chatting with him and he was ok as usual. my boiled some porridge for him and my dad offered him a cigratte. and everything was normal. then my parents went back and took their bath, and before even they finished taking their baths, which was only within half and hour time, the phone rang and was told to go back to immediately as my grandpa was having some difficulty in breathing. and when my parents rushed down, he was gone. just like that. actually he has been diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer in april 08. april to august. it was barely 4 mths and he was gone just like that. to me, my grandpa was a strong man even though he was 85 years old. he still can drive here and there yam chaing with his fren. but when i last saw him, which was june, he was like so fragile and so skinny. it was sad to see him like tat. why cant he just live his life peacefully and pass away peacefully without all those illness? but at least he passed away without any struggling with the illness. let's just say it was quite a peaceful passing for him. may him rest in peace...

ok, enough about that. hhmm, what else happened? oh yeah, i haven blogged about my hongkong trip. it was a very very nice trip. it is free and easy and we navigate our own way around hongkong and macau. took the mtr, walk countless of steps, eating all the time. will blogged about it soon..

Jul 25, 2008

still too lazy to blog.. so will be on a blog break from now onwards...

Jul 15, 2008

damn lazy to blog...

May 26, 2008

coins for you?

there are many people out there like to keep rare coins. i think it is a good idea to keep rare coins. not anyone can help you build a world class rare coin portfolio, and do so cost effectively. It takes rare coin dealer with vast resources, broad-based experience and an unending commitment to providing the utmost in service to the customer. with their help, you be can sure that you are being guarded against possible market pitfalls, situations a less experienced dealer simply may not have experienced or be aware of. and it is better to be safe than sorry..

i hate to clean up a fish..

yesterday kj went out to the sea for fishing. it was drizzling when he went out at around 5 am. he was expecting to cancel the outing but the rain stopped in time for him and his friends to continue their plan.

of cos, they all are full of hope of getting fishes, but i tell you all, i was secretly hoping that kj won't get a single fish. hehehe.. dun tell me i have a "black heart", k? i got reason one. i know that the process of getting the fish caught on the fishing rod is super exciting but then hor, the aftermath is not lor. cos when he brings the fish back, i am the one who has to suffer. why? becos i got to clean up the fish. i have to clean up stomach cavity, remove the gills and surrounding tissue, and scale them. i hate cleaning the fishes, i tell you all. the smell is so fishy. den sometimes the gills are so sharp that my fingers got scratched and it is super painful. but i can tell you i am quite an expert when cleaning up a fish. LOL!!

sometimes when i am in a helpful mood, i dun mind helping cleaning out the small fishes but when i got to clean up a fish like this-

my response will be ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but luckily kj will automatically helped out this time becos that is HIS fish. i can't barely lift up this fish. it is not that heavy, i think about 6 - 7 kg but it is so slipperly and i have to stuff a piece of cloth inside the mouth and held it.

kj was super happy when he caught this fish. dun ask me what this fish is called cos i dunno. i only know how to clean, cook and eat. but the problem is this fish is super big lor, and our normal knife is very difficult to cut it up. i have to use a hammer to knock the knife becos the bone was super big. and think of the gills and scalps. ye yuckssssssss.... one word MESSY. pray pray he won't get any more this kind of fish again!! *evil grins*....

May 25, 2008

watches for them...

father's day is around the corner. after a hard time thinking of what to get for my mum (which i did not manage to get anything, :-P) and now it is again headache time. not sure what he needs. so i think i am going to consider the trip in june to hong kong as a gift for them. hehe.. cos i really dunno what to get for them.

anywhere, buying presents for parents should not be only during mother's day or father's day. sometimes, just a simple gift for them will make them happy, right?

anyway, i just came across a site selling a chronoswiss watch. it is such a beauty, i tell you. it is so classic and it sure looks good on a guy. should i consider buying this for my dad? hhhmmm... i think i will talk about it with my sis and asked her to share it with me. hehe.. i am thinking of getting one for kj too since his watch is spoilt and is now going "watchless" and he has to keep using his hp to check for time when outside. i am sure he will like it if i buy it for him since he has been looking for one that he likes. i am going to ask for his opinion now..

dog show in miri

went for a dog show this morning. actually it is a dog competition. although it says "pure breed dog" competition, but then i think some of the dogs are not that pure. i regret not letting my 2 dogs join it. i tot it was really a "pure breed" mah.. haishh. i brought my shih tze along so that he can make some friends there or even better, a girlfriend. hehe.. i tot he will be very fierce and keep barking at ppl when he is there but to my suprised, he was scared. he dun let ppl touched him and keep growling softly. hahaha.. scared of so many ppl and keep running in between my legs for shelther.

there are lots of german shepard and golden retrievers. if i brought along my golden, i wonder how will he react since he is such a timid dog. i think he will tremble and tremble and won't budge at all. anyways, i stayed for a while only becos it was so hot. enough time for my shih tze to mixe around with other dogs. but too bad, no girlfriend for him. some pictures i took.

some of the rottweilers

a super small chihuahua (i think only 7 weeks old)

puppies for sale

my shih tze's new friend. too bad not a female..

a pair of pugs

dunno what breed..

May 17, 2008


got a video to share with you all. so touching and talented. glad that she has a very loving mom who adopted her despite that she is blind. oh, and the last song was so so so so beautiful..