Nov 8, 2007

Manchester or Edinburgh, anyone?

i will like to travel to Manchester one day. from what i know, Manchester is a place full of historic and futuristic museums, classic art galleries and famous theatres. Manchester is also cultural events, seasonal festivals, colourful picnics and flamboyant parades. there are also a lot of Manchester Accommodation to choose from. so, in order to avoid any disappointment, you should book it early.

another dream destination of mine is Edinburgh. the buzz of Scotland's capital city sits in perfect contrast to the peaceful tranquility of the surrounding Lothians region. imagine myself exploring the famous castle dominating the city skyline. arghh, doesn't it sound such a wonderful experience? Edinburgh Accommodation boasts a wide range of choices for you to choose from. choose to stay in those mysterious castle or simply looked out for those simple yet elegant Edinburgh Hotels. ahh, just thinking of it makes me feel like going for the holiday immediately now.