Nov 8, 2007

dead tired

ahh, at least more than half of my works has been done. the house is cleaned and smelled nice. the dogs are all bathed and smelled nice. my clothes are all washed and smelled nice. so, tomorrow, i am going to start my accounts for the month of Oct. got to settle everything properly before the big boss is back next week.

and yeah, pls, if you saw that there are a lot of paid post and you are not interested in it, just skip through them, ok? so sorry for the messiness but i can't help it. the sign $$ is waving at you and beckons you to come over. who can resist it? well, i definately can't. ok. i wanna go and work hard another 1 or 2 more than i want to catch up with my beauty sleep. making up for the past 12 days. nite nite..