Nov 8, 2007

travelling to France and Paris

planning to be visit France sometime in the near future? if your answer is yes, then you should start planning for it now. the hotels in France will sure make your stay is worthwhile when you are there. everybody knows that Paris is where fashion begins and ends. so, the paris fashion week is a place that you shouldn't miss when you are there while in France, you can go visiting the musuems and even dining and wineries. all these are very famous in France.

as for the hotels in Paris, you should really really make sure you book it in advance in order to avoid any disappointment. Paris is a very popular tourist destination. many couples who just got married went there for their honeymoon as it was a very romantic destination.

as for the destination in Nice, you should visit the beaches and markets as there are a lot of unique things for you to see. there are also a lot of nice hotels to choose from. so, try to plan everything carefully and in advance in order to avoid disappointment.


Anonymous said...

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france is great city and travelling from france to paris would make life excited great ones