Oct 10, 2007


i signed up for payperpost a few months ago and it's has been terriffic. PayPerPost is actually a place where you get paid to blog. is your eyes blinking when you heard the word *get paid*. yeah, it's true. and you can get it done doing the thing you like which is blogging and get paid for it. i stumbled onto this nice money making place when i was reading a few bloggers's blog and saw that most of them signed up for it. i was thinking then, i might as well join in as i have nothing to lose. in fact, i earned a lot which include some fellow posties as well through PayPerPost, and it has been great chatting with them, exchanging experience, msn each other when there are opportunities coming out. even my sister is now joining in and she has since made some money too and she is so so so happy about it.

i haven't spend any money that i earned through PayPerPost yet. i am thinking to save more so that i can buy more things that i want or even go for a holiday using the money. arhhh, thinking of it makes my day so happy. sign up now and let's some money together!!!


Anonymous said...

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