Oct 14, 2007


ok, so i am going to rant in this post because i cant stand it already. friends of kj and his bro are planning to come over to our house for steamboat tonight. so early this morning, we went out for breakfast then went to the market and bought some vegetables and some stuffs to cook tomyam soup. then they dropped me off at home so i could boil the soap, cook some sambal, and get other things ready lah. then the bro and kj say they WILL go buy other foods and "TAUFU" from the cold storage with their friends. that was about 11.30 am.

so about 2 pm, i called them and asked them why so late, whether they bought the food. AND THEY TOLD ME THAT THEY HAVEN'T GO BUY ANYTHING YET and they are having a round of snooker game. i was like "huh???" ok, so i say, dun stay so late cos there will be no more "taufu".

so now is already 4.30pm. i was getting fed up waiting for them and there will be no more "taufu". even got, so late already, still fresh meh? then we need to defrost some of the stuffs leh, arrgghhhhh... so i sms kj and ask him where they are. and he replied me "on the way to buy food".

so the conslusion is, we can't expect the MEN to do something efficiently. the difference between a woman and a man is, a woman will want to finish buying everything first so that there will no last minute rushing while the man will slowly take their own sweet time and go "minum kopi" first, then at the last minute, slowly goyang goyang there. i wonder what time we can start our steamboat dinner tonight. arrrgghhhhhh!!!!!!!


jazzmint said...

wah itu laki all memang kenot harap. ask them go steamboat still playing snooker :S...they are really dilly dally, but when later no food to eat, complain

skm said...

tats the housewife's "sin sen" n u will slowly notise alotlot more

skm said...

u really like a "da ben siang"