Aug 24, 2007

mailing list providers

Martin Worldwide is one of the largest Mailing List providers in the world, having dominated the direct marketing industry for over a decade. this company offers customized mailing lists, telemarketing lists and fax lists to small business and Fortune 1000 clients. with their years of experience, Martin Worldwide provides a variety of services to ensure the success of their customers' business. their constant updates of datas will ensures that each and every consumer list will be the highest quality in the marketplace. and one benefit in using their services is, there are no "middleman", ensuring the lowest price on the absolute freshest data available anywhere. get their expert advice now if you are interested at this toll-free no - (888)- 267-3545.


huisia said...

if you use the template provided by blogspot, you will automatic have the Feed. if you're using other sponsored template, you can get your feed from ""

Not every advertiser allows you to feed their new offer, if you can see subscribe feed at their page, then you just click on subscribe, once you have clicked, it will automatic add to your browser's (depends which you used, IE or Firefox?) tool bar. Just scroll to the feed and see whether they got update or not. It is very easy to know there is a new offer or not provided the feed can work properly.

huisia said...

i think your page already has the feed, as i can see your page update from my Google reader.