Aug 24, 2007

download and convert

i read every now and then. i think i learned a lot from his blog about all thouse tech, web tricks, photoshop and many other pc related things. as usual, i was blog-hopping and hop over to his site and i discovered he introduced a site which allow us to convert video into other formats online FREE OF CHARGE. and best of all, we do not have to download any other software to do the conversion. just enter the url, select the format you wish to convert to and enter your email address. and voila, the link will be send to you in your mail and you can just download it. it's so so so easy and simple to use. oh ya, go over to this site and try it out. and one more thing, this is not a sponsored post, ok!!


kiviniar said...

Thanks for sharing :-)

onwebcheck said...

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