Aug 23, 2007

just only..

went shopping at parkson yesterday night. has been so long since i bought something, so i am itchy to spend some money. feel not balanced if i do not go and spend some money ahh.. haha, siao hor me.. but when you worked so hard everyday, you are just dying to get something to make yourself happy at the end of the day, right? anyway, that's my opnion.

so what did i buy? nothing special, just a small and simple Sembonia wallet which can let me put my cards and money in AND most importantly, small enough for me to put inside my pockets. with all those crimes all around, i am not going to carry a handbag everywhere. scared lehh..


Muminmiri said...

I was also shopping at Parkson for a small pouch to carry around, instead of a handbag but couldn't find anything.

khai khee said...

muminmiri : not much option to select, right? haha.. i just simply choose the simplest one..

jew said...

It's no fun that way... need to see at list 100 b4 I buy 1 :-)