May 23, 2007

problems, problems

sigghhhhhhhh, i m now currently in the internet cafe. arrgghh, the stupid phone cable kena stolen again. 2nd time in half a year. last time when it's down, i waited more than a week for it to be repaired. now, this time, i dunno how long i got to wait. without internet, i am feeling very very empty. and the i dunno what else to do. but the good point is, i am more hard at work, lol.. so i m trying to catch up more work while the streamyx is down.

i hate coming to these internet cafe because i don't like using these public pc. i am already used to my own pc at home and i can do whatever i like with the pc. and somemore th pcs here, aisshh, the keyboard dunno like what already.

and one more thing. i missed doing some opps for ppp. *sob sob* i am now starting to receive $$ from ppp but the sad thing is, i cannot accept payment now because it ask me to add a US bank. how do i do that? but i know is some problem with paypal because i browse some of the blogs and found out that not me only faced this problem. seems like a lot of others also like that. hope that paypal will fix the problem soon. but anyway, i've decided to purchased the VMI card. but hor, haisshh, i cannot accept $$ from paypal then how can i pay for the card worr... got to think think for a way now..


jazzmint said... line oso ppl curi!!! siapa curi

khai khee said...

jazzmint : yalar, these ppl eat too full nothing to stole already..

Sweetpea said...

izzit that they can resell for money? really cilakak leh... make inconvinience for others only..

khai khee said...

sweetpea : yalor, they resell it for $$. really cilakak one... anything they wan to stole. even those iron cover longkang one they aso stole..