May 24, 2007


clicked on one of the opps just now and guess what? i tot is's some opps to write about cats but it's one of those HDTV tuesday. and it's giving away a LG Super Blu Player.again *sigghhh*, what's the use of it? only US bloggers can take that opps. so, wasted wasted. and the line here in this internet cafe is super duper slow. wan to grab some opps also too slow..

ok, jus a short post here. i wanna go home already. been sitting here for 1 hour and i still got a lot of blogs not yet finish reading. hopefully when i go home later, the phone line is fixed. i think i m day dreaming lar..


L B said...

Yes, hopefully it will be fixed by the time you get home... *Cheers*

huisia said...

today got so many opps even till now, hope you manage to grab some. Good luck!

khai khee said...

lb : hiya, thanks for dropping me a msg. yayyy, it's fixed now. super shock it's sooo fast..

huisia : thanks yeah, hope u too.. :)

Mark said...

I love your writing style. How did you get into blogging in English? Are you from Malaysia originally or somewhere else?

khai khee said...

mark : hi, thanks for dropping by. errmm, how do i got into blogging in english ah? cos i read a lot of blogs previously and i say to myself, i mus have mind too. and yup, i m 100% malaysian. where r u from?