May 25, 2007

PPP Direct

This is s sponsored post.

PPP has a new version now and is available to be used now. so what is ppp direct? it is a new program where advertiser will look out for us posties's blog. if they like us to write something on our blog, they will straight away make an offer to us by clicking a widget which we must install it in out sidebar. the widget make it all very simple and fast for all parties involved. by clicking on the widget, they can see our specified amount which we want to be paid when writting for the advertisers. and don't be worry about dealing with the advertiser too. it's easy and mess free too. so, if you are interested in this program, remember to sign up with this word of mouth marketing first.

this is such a good stuff. it cuts out all the middleman and it let us make more money through this program. we can negotiate all the post details with advertisers without involving ppp. for more details on how it works, please go payperpost for more information or watch the overview video. i am going to try for it too. who knows, maybe there are some advertisers out there who like me to write something about their products..