May 21, 2007

Credit Cards

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who don't own credit cards nowadays? i think most ppl own at least 1 credit card. credit card creates such an easy way without having to bring cash everywhere. as for me, i used credit card when i was working full time before i got married. but now, i only used credit when i bought things online and i will settle it immediately. if not, it will keep on adding up the balances and before you know it, it was such a frightening sum. now, there are a lot of ways to help you control your usage on credit cards and which card suites you the best. picking a card is important as it allows you to transact easily and worries free.

nowadays, there are also a lot of frauds going on. it's so alarming when suddenly you receive your monthly credit card statement and you saw that your bills are slapped with transactions which you have never done before. remember, each of us must learn to protect ourselves from all these thefts.