May 15, 2007

GRAB PRIZES every Tuesday

This is a sponsored post.

ever since i joined PPP about a month ago, i feel that i have something to look foward to everyday. nowadays, i will be busy updating my blog and everyday they will be sure new post. last time my friends and family will ask, eh why u seldom update your blog one? not only that, now, i will get to browse more webs which i will never think of browsing before and this really open up my eyes about what is really going on in the internet world.

now, not only i can earn money through blog marketing, but in fact, prizes are up for grab as well. last month PPP is giving away $1000 for grab on every tuesday. my, i was so envious of those posties that got to grab those opps. so, for this month, PPP is now giving great chances to grab prizes every tuesday. so far, PPP already given away Apple Tvs and PS3. for this Tuesday (May 15), there will be a Slingbox, Nintendo Wii, Yamaha Surround Sound System or a Logitech universal remote for posties to grabs. doesn't it sound great? hope i can grab one of this prizes.

really have to say a big thanks to bid4prizes to make all this possible and make writing posts more interesting. wow, i am looking forward to tuesdays now.