May 14, 2007

A Lazy Sunday

spent a whole day home lazying yesterday, doing nothing but watch 2 dvds only and occasionally surf the net. kj and his bro went out to sea fishing at 3 something in the morning and only back in the evening at around 6 something. i told him, "u work also not so hardworking ah". the moment he came back he told me, "i think i am not going out to sea for next few months liao". haha.. why? cos he seasick and vomit countless of times. i ask him, is it worth it? go out to sea and pay RM150++ for vomitting and sleep ah?

anyway, i watch an english movie "Lake House" and a korean movie "Seducing Mr.Perfect. and yeah, i like watching those romantic, comedy movies. i was told by my friend to watch Lake House since last year. but i was lazy to watch it mah, so i never watch it. i bought the dvd during cny and watch it only yesterday. the movie was ok, about 2 different ppl in different timezone and fall in love. not much climax in this movie though, just plain sailing.

the korean movie "Seducing Mr. Perfect" is just one of those romantic comedy. laugh, laugh laugh then touching moments then happily ever after lor. all those movies are almost the same one.

i watch those movies and surf the net the whole day until my eyes really wan to pop out already. and the weather these few weeks has been super hot. the glaring sun make me scared of going out. so i just cooped inside my room, on the air-cond to the coolest and enjoy... ah, such a blissful and lazy sunday, without KJ wanting to use the tv for himself. :)


Suzie said...

no mother's day celebration for you? with your mom i meant ;) even mother-in-law?

Sasha said...

i never watch korean drama before. Cannot stand the poh poh mah mah. But i heard nice ler but i sked i get addicted .hahhahah no time to blog later

huisia said...

what is the chinese name for "Seducing Mr.Perfect"? i like korean drama too..

khai khee said...

suzie : yup, we celebrated it the day b4 with my mil. my mum's too far away from me. so cant celebrate with her. but i really miss her though..

sasha : really nice ler, although po po mah mah. i also seldom watch cos once started watching, i cant stop ah.. :)

hui sia : ermm, i'm not sure what's called cos i can't read n write chinese.. :D but u can go c here -
have u watched sweet 18? it's really nice too and funny. must watch it if u haven watch before.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Not a good advert slogan to pay the money to vomit.