May 15, 2007


it's confirmed. bought the tickets and booked the accomodation. me and kj decided to go to Kota Kinabalu for holidays next month during the Gawai's holiday. total of 4 days of public holiday straight including agong's birthday. previously was thinking going somewhere else, but after much thinking and consideration, might as well follow his family go.

this will be the 2nd time i go. 1st time is during last year somewhere in may. that time went to see gunung kinabalu, but unable to see anything cos of the mist. this time round, hopefully can see something. i always ask kj to go climb gunung kinabalu, but he always answer me ok, sure we go next time. bahh , next time, next time dunno until which time. but come to think of it, we sure need to be fully prepared if we really want to go and climb. must go and work out before climbing, watch your diet and bla, bla, bla. it's hard too, haha.

too bad, in east malaysia here, whenever we want to go anywhere for holiday, we have to think a lot. cos, not like in west malaysia, u say go then just go. here in miri, if want to go kuching, it took about 13 hours and to sabah about 8 hours and to brunei about 2 hours, all by driving. and by air, is not cheap either. even if the airfare is cheap but when u add all the taxes, fuel surcharge and whatever fees involved, i tell you, its not cheap. and there's no highway either. but in west malaysia, a drive up to kl from jb only takes about average 4 hours. then u can rest at kl and stay there for one day then from there to penang onli also about 4 hours, i think. in btw all these stops, there is place for you to visit and a lot of things to eat. so a bit bored staying here.. lol!!


jazzmint said...

wah cool, i've not been there before, plan to go next year

huisia said...

KK? Oh..if possible, we can meet too!

khai khee said...

jazzmint : not bad go there. can eat eat eat.. lol..

huisia : oh ya hor, u going back this mth end. yup, mabbe we can meet up. :) i'll be there on 2nd, 3rd and 4th. :)