May 8, 2007


This is a sponsored post.

I am sure you all like watching movies, right? me too. i like watching horror movies but scared to watch at the same time, lol.. confusing, ehh? movies let us relax after a hard day at works and if it's a good movie, it's worth it.

do you like watching bug movie? well, coming to the cinema this month on the 25th is a new movie called BUG, presented by Lionsgate Films starring Ashley Judd.

from their posters itself, i can feel that it's those scary, disturbing yet exciting movie. you can see that the posters also potrays a mysterious feeling. this movie is about lonely waitress with a tragic past, Agnes (Ashley Judd) in a run-down motel, living in fear of her abusive, recently paroled ex-husband. but when she met a new man where she begins a new romance, her hopes dash when the bug arrive.
this bug movie looks enticing to me because of the bugs. imagine bugs crawling all over you all even under the skin. urrghhh, how yucky it gets? but luckily, it's only a movie, so you won't get to feel it personally yourself, lol.. but at least we can see what is it like to have bug crawling under other people's skin. can't wait to watch this movie. oh ya, you can also view the movie trailer here at YouTube for a little preview first. don't miss this exciting yet disturbing bug movie.