May 8, 2007

i went to the bank yesterday. and, everywhere outside i think is full of people. and especially the bank. it's full of people and i got to wait for like 30 people before it's my turn. i hate scenes like this. i normally like to go to the bank when they are alomost closing. those were the times when the staffs were more relaxing and there's not much people queing. and most importantly i can get car park easily. if not, i dunno i many rounds and rounds of driving i got to make.

and i really dislike going to those gomen offices. those staffs there are like so arrogant. i still remember once when i went took my grandma to those gomen hospital. that time the hospital still new, so i m not sure what i have to do. so i kindly ask one of the staffs there, a BIG fat guy, mind you, is really FAT ok. i ask him "errr, encik, nenek saya mau jumpa doctor. so kena register dekat mana atau saya kena buat apa apa?"(mr, my granny wan to c the doctor. so i gotto register or what should i do) then you guess what this BIG FAT guy did? arrgghhh, i got angry when think about it. he just shoved the basket in front of me and said "letak u punya kad sini dan pergi duduk. buat apa datang kalau tak tahu ni, tak tahu tu."(put ur card here and go sit down. what for u come here when u dunno this or that) ouuchh, i was like what the hell was he talking about. but i just calmly and politely ask him again "berapa lama saya mau tunggu?"(how long i gotto wait?) he AGAIN talked to me in that kind of hateful tone "duduk saja"(sit 1st). %&^%&$$&%&^% i dislike those gomen staffs when they tot they are so high and mighty. cissss..


huisia said...

alamak..what kind of people there..can't ask meh? really irritating la..

khai khee said...

yalar.. i was soooo mad when i heard tat. not sure wat kind of customer service was tat..

Lowell C. said...

I only like horror movies when I am watching movies with a girl for obvious reasons.