Apr 29, 2007


Anybody likes to play poker? i guess most of you out there do play poker occasionally during your free times to help you relax after working so hard. now there is a a type of game online called PokerDIY. at here , you can manage your live or online poker league.

At PokerDIY u can start a poker League online in the comfort of your home without having people around you or disturbing you. PokerDIY connects poker players & helps you find/organize poker games & manage your poker leagues online for FREE. isn't it great? you can also try out the freeroll poker leagues too.

other than online poker, there are some new features that are still under development where you can put a gadget/widget on YOUR blog or poker site with your league scoreboard, and you can export and publish poker results from desktop poker league software like Tournament Director. sounds tempting right? so what are you waiting for? go now and have a look at PokerDIY.


Anonymous said...


That link for the freeroll poker leagues does not work?


khai khee said...

Raz : ooppss, thanks yeah. got it done already.. thanks again

online poker site said...

your poker league sounds good but i would be concerned that you could only win what the players contribute and I therefore feel it would be better of joining a poker tourny where a company / casino sponsor it... then you could win more