Apr 20, 2007

Just Ranting

i am not sure why i am still feeling so sleepy now as i slept at 9.30 pm yest and woke up 7 am this morning. gosh, that's a total of 9 and 1/2 hours. normally last time when i work full time, i only needed about 7 to 8 hours of sleep. i m wondering whether is it because now i m working part time, making me feel lazy and not as energetic as before, since i can take a nap as i like or just laze around and not working. if i m not working, then i will be facing the pc the whole day until my eyes gonna pop out already. i guess that must be the reason of feeling not so energetic.

anyway, i mentioned about my house lamp not installed in the previous post, right? wahahahha, yest my mum called me and told me the lamp has been installed. soooo fast, huh? last time go to their office complained dunno how many times they wont come and installed. now only write 1 letter to their GM and everything settled within a mth time. so, next time anything want to complain must do like this only they will take action fast fast, LOL..

i forgot to write down that KJ hurt his back while working when we came back from CNY. he was pulling at some heavy things when he accidentally hurt it. at first we thought he sprained it so rest rest a few days then will be fine. but who knows it hurts more and more after a few days. so i accompany him to one of the chiropractic centre and let the doctor c c. i think this centre was kinda like western and eastern mixed. there was this angmoh doctor where he just feel feel his back and say his "intervertebral disc" (chinese = "ruan gu" soli ah, i dunno how to write the chinese word) has already moved from its position. so got to go and do treatment where this doctor will massage massage then put something on his back to "electrify" that place. each time after the massage session, he will feel more comfortable, but after a while the pain will come back again. and each of this massage massage session cost us RM60 for a mere 15 minutes including the "electrfying" session ah.. so after about 6 session, we decide to forgo the treatment and go and see a "real" orthopaedic specialist since there is no sign of recovery. so off we go and see this specialist Dr. Richard, introduced by our insurance agent. and after we told Dr. Richard that KJ went for the massage massage session, he told us that there is no use of massaging and it may even damage more. and then Dr. Richard also concluded the same diagnosis as the angmoh doctor. so he made Kj went for the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) so that he can know exactly what happen. so this MRI cost us a freaking RM800. arrgghhh. but no choice right? KJ told me that he dozed off while doing his MRI cos it's quite cold inside the room. and i asked him, so did you snore out loud? LOL... anyway, after taking the report back to Dr. Richard, he told us that his intervertebral disc really got problem. two of his intervertebral disc already damaged, he show us the imaging where i saw most of it were white in colors while the 2 damaged one is already black in colors. so the intervertebral disc poked out and exert pressure on the nerve causing pain when doing big movements. i think this is called "herniated disc". but luckily Dr. Richard say still not yet very serious, still in the 1st stage. 2nd stage will be injection and the last stage will be surgery to remove it.(" i was thinking not so serious ah? since he is already walking like an old man and having difficulty moving around"). anyway, he told KJ to eat medicine and painkillers first and see how it goes. so now, luckily after 2 weeks of medicine and MC, i can see that he is improving. more flexibility in moving around and walking, not as stiff as before. and he can go back to his favourite past time now, which is fishing. oh, and Dr say cannot do vigorous exercise like play golf, badminton and even walking the dog. small dog can lar, but like my golden cannot ahhh.. so tat's my job from now on :( haizz, all this medical fees cost us around RM1,500 ++.....and he is behaving like he is the boss and i m the maid. keep asking me to take this and take that, do that, do this for him. so i will just patiently and obediently obey him 1st for now and wait till he is fully recovered, then wahahahha, is my turn to be the big big bosss...


Keng said...

hello KK,
I enjoy your blog... it's simple and cute - life of a young married couple, even with the occasional homesickness. Growing up ah!

Keep writing... all the best. Luv your doggie-tales!

- Keng@SG

khai khee said...

ehh.. u r who i think u r, right? if yes, then nice to c u here. of cos miss home very much.. n really miss u all too. llok for u all when i m bck..

Keng said...

yes la who else