Apr 21, 2007

i am sooo happy..

because i receive something in my email which i have been waiting for the past week, muahahaha... this morning i checked my mail the 1st thing i do when i turned on my pc, and voila, i saw the magic words there. sorry, but i won't tell u guys out there what i have been waiting for yeah, so sorry for the suspense. LOL..

ayway, today is weekend already. pc fair is here and i planning to go tonight and see whether there is any good deal in ram. call the dell support yest and they told me to upgrade my ram worrr, cos i complained to them my pc getting slower and slower. so should see how lar..


Suzie said...

what magic word?! wht hv u been waiting for? wah..very anti climax leh.. :lol:

khai khee said...

lol, the magic word here is "approve". haha... u understand wat i mean? i m sure u do..

Suzie said...

oh....ithink i know...lol...happy posting....:wink:

jazzmint said...

wah wah..must be ur first payment from PPP :P