Dec 21, 2006

Bobby (Kulai)

i last seen bobby was during july. that time he was around 3 mths old. so when i went back last mth, i was shocked. 7 mths and he has grown a lot. i mean really a lot. and a lot naughtier too.

e.g he likes to play with water. so much that my mum is scared of watering the plants. my mum now only water the plants only when he is going to bath him. so pity the plants. hehe.. u can see from the video below, showing how much he likes the water.

but he is a very clever dog. for now, he won't pee or poo inside the house. and that's very good already for a puppy (still a puppy lar, since he is only 7 mths old). he won't also go inside the bedroom. if all of us is inside the bedroom, he will sit quietly at the door watching us, waiting for us to come out.

sitting quietly waiting outside the bedroom..

and one more thing. he knows it when we are going out. if he sees my dad & mum wearing nice nice clothes to go out, he will either hide under the shoe cupboard or either under the table. no matter how u call him, whistle him, he will ignore you and sulk. at least for me, i think he sulks since everytime i saw him, he seems smilling with his mouth wide open.

sulking, as we are all going out..

my next door aunty also just acquired 2 small puppies. only about 1 mth old. and bobby is the happiest. but then he is such a rough puppy. he likes playing with them, but he is too rough with them. he keeps pusinh them until the 2 smaller puppies whine and whine. bobby also loves "talking" to his neighbours. he keeps jumping up and down then fence to "talk" to them. but since the next door puppies are still very very small, they can't see each other. so what to do? haha.. the clever me go and put a biscuit tin for bobby to stand up and "talk" to them through the fence where my dad managed to make a hole for them. and it was such a brilliant idea. bobby likes it very much until he doesn't want to come down.

bobby likes it sooooo much, able to "talk" to them..

last but not least, i like this picture of him very much. i am not sure what he is doing in there. but he looks like a panda. sooo cuteee ehhh....