Dec 13, 2006

hi, i m back. back to work, back to normal routine. one month since my last post. actually i was back last wednesday. but been too busy and lazy to update. so now here i am. this time i went back for 24 days. 3 weeks & 3 days. quite long ehh.. so my work is piling up. o_o

went back and attended 2 good friend's wedding. the first wedding was held in Pulai Springs Resort. i know this girlfriend of mine since primary school. count count, oh my goodness, 17 years lehh.. from small small girl to a lady now. come to think of that , i think she's the only one girlfriend whom i still contact with from primary school. the ithers all dunno disappear to where already. ahh.. friends are hard to keep up with nowadays. we are either too "busy" or "lazy" to contact with each other.

during her ROM in year 2003.
and now her wedding in 2006..(uurrghhh, my skin is so tanned compared to the others)

second wedding that i attended was in kajang (where the famous satay are, but too bad, we are stuffed by the time we finish the wedding dinner). also one of my good friend from college days. know her from from the very 1st day in college. we saw each other only about once a year, but we do msn occasionally if she's not busy with her work. this friend of mine and her hubby already "pak toh" i think almost 12 years already. long long time, ehh.. anyway, saw a few friends from college which i have not seen for a long long time. it was great seeing old friends. no pictures here cos i did not bring my hp along. will upload later when i got it from her.

and, and, and we stayed in this Pacific Regency Hotel Apartments. it's such a greeeeeeaaaattt deal. we stayed in the deluxe suite which cost RM480 per night, but it costs us only RM80 only. muahahahhaha, why? cost we got some vouchers lor.. so we just paid RM160 for 2 RM960 rooms. muahahahhahaha again. anyway, it's very nice, comfy, nice, spacious, nice. and i tell u, the bathroom is unbelievable BIG. and kl tower is just right in front of our window.

then my aunt and cousins from singapore came again for gathering. again we have a 3 relaxing and "wu liao" days. and i think one the twins suffer from dunno what illness. she keeps looking for foods to eat and her figure is still so good. i am so damn jealous. anyway, is very nice for them to come over and stay for a few days since we seldom meet as we are so busy with our own's things.

so that summarize up what i have been doing for the past 3 weeks. went out yam cha most of the night and end up slept quite late at night. now that i am back here, i have a hard time adjusting back to my healthy life, where i slept at around 10 plus and wake up around 7 am in the morning. healthy leh.. :D

oh ya, forgot to mention that when i took the plane back to johor, it was delayed for 4 freaking hours. was so pissed of with the delayed cos that's wasting my precious time in kulai ehh... anyway, those of you who has taken airasia's flight before, you all should know that there are 2 lanes for the passengers to queue to board the plane. one for the elderly, disabled, pregnant ladies, mama's with kids, bla bla bla and another one for the young and fit people, right? ok, they are those who soooo dun want face where they go queue up at the special lane. i look up and down, right and left at those people and i don't see any disability, or pregnant, or kids around them. so until the gate there, the airasia staffs then tell them "eh, why you queue here? you still young and not disabled or pregnant or bla bla bla.." (hehe, i dunno how they tell them, but i made this one uplar. i am sure they are more polite than me lar. :D) so, these soooo dun wan face people just turn around and step right in front of you at the normal lane. @#^$%^%$&%*&*&^. such people also got one ahhhhh. dun feel embarassed meh? and somemore never ask also. and somemore, you are taking a plane, not your own car, at least dressed probably, not just some t shirts and some shorts where most of us will wear when we at home ready for sleeping. AND that's not it. if you are cold, wear a jacket pleeeezzeee and not hang a bath towel around your shoulder. what the heck????? and to let you all know that i am not bluffing here's some evidence. it's really a bath towel ok.


sErEnE said...

hey hey... my ROM is in year 2003 leh..its 3 years ago... anyway thanx for attending my wedding on tat happy !!! dun worry we r forever frens... !!!