Dec 31, 2006

goodbye 2006, welcome 2007

in another hour time, we will be saying goodbye to 2006 and welcome 2007. wow, time sure flew by super fast. another chapter will be closing and a new one opening. hhmm, i will be sleeping by the time the clock stroke at 12 am. no special celebrations or whatever. i think i already reached the age where all those celebrations or countdowns seems meaningless.. (does that means that i am getting old?!! yucks..)

i think i have grown tremendously over the year both emotionally and mentally. lots of valuable lessons that i learnt and i am so much more independent now in so many ways. though there may be other aspects in my life which isn't taking off the way I would want it to be, i guess I am fortunate in my own way too. well, we can't possibly have our cake and eat it too all the time yeah?

so, hopefully, 2007 will be a more special and eventful year for me. and to all of you out there here's wishing you all the best and may the new year marks the beginning of another wonderful chapter for you..