Aug 15, 2006

Some Ramblings..

this morning, i was in the car waiting for mil to buy something at the supermarket when i heard something on the radio which caught my attention. the DJ was telling about some news which has been happening around. mostly, it revolves around the murder of the students in kl. snatch thiefs. i thought all these thieves are heartless indeed. if you want to snatch then just snatch lar, why should you murder someone over small small money? and they are students only. it's all senseless killings.

anyway, back to what the news which caught my attention. i did not catch the front part. i just heard that there is one teenage girl got quite badly hurt in an accident which happens in the morning time at dunno where. i think is snatch thieves again. the girl was lying on the road. nobody saw what happened and nobody noticed the girl. only a small boy aged around 6 years old saw the girl lying on the road. the small boy quickly went to ask for help. it was raining drizzly at that time. the small boy went to the nearest house and ask for help. but the owner (a lady) told the boy that her house do not have phone, so she can't do anything. the boy went to another house, but the result is the same. nobody did anything to help him. the small boy, unable to do anything went back to the girl. by that time, there were a few ppl gathering around the girl. but nobody do anything. they were just discussing about what happened. the girl then just passed away while lying there.

when i heard this, i was so sad. why nobody do anything to help? instead of standing there pointing and being a busybody, why don't those passerby do something. can you imagine a six year old boy asking for help but the adults just stood motionless like watching a drama? maybe if the adults do something, the girl will be saved. the radio also mentioned that the sister of the girl would like to thank the small boy and also a guy where he tried to shield the girl from the rain using an umbrella eventhough the girl can't make it.

why ppl nowadays are so heartless? a small boy will help but the adults does not, where i am sure you will be able to do something if you want to. what is the world going to change to?