Aug 13, 2006

Circus coming to town..

went to watch the royal london circus yesterday night. rm55 per person for almost 3 hours of show. i last been to a circus, i think maybe 20 something years ago. can't hardly remember the details. just remember that me and my sis sat on some stairs in front and watch a performance by dunno wat. anyway, back to the circus last night. a lot of mosquitoes. i HATE mosquitoes. the performance ok lah. not bad. but now the performers are mostly from china. you all know should know lar, china's acrobats are good, right? and there are animals too, but not like before where there is tigers, er what else ah? i also forgot. but then i think there are a lot. nowadays there are only 3 dogs, 1 elephant 2 monkeys, a few pigeons, 3 small horses and a cat. haha.. but i feel that the elephant is so "cham" ah. got locked up in the cage everyday without any companions. and did you all noticed from one of the photos, there is one round cage. i think that one is the most dangerous and exciting performance of all. they are bikers in it. 5 of them. zoom around the cage together. i can't imagine what will happen if one of them miss a beat. *shudder*. ok, enough about the circus. some photos again..but it's quite blur because lack of light and i used my phone's camera. don't complain, yeah..

awww.. shit. i stepped into a drain this morning. ouch.. it hurts. i was alighting from the car when i straight stepped on the cover of the drain. it was made of cement, covering all the drains and there are small holes with covers also made from cements where it can be opened up and i stepped right on one of it. and my right leg straight went into the drain. so deep, the drain, above my knee. i got scratches all over my right legs. it huuurrrttss. stupid longkang. kj was suprised as he just turned back his head at the other side of the car when i suddenly dropped from his view. he wondered where i've gone so fast, until he heard me calling for help. can hear but cannot c. hehe..