Aug 21, 2006

i like this picture of bobby very much. my mum send to me via mms. it's not very clear though. i find that he was cute , standing up and begging for food which was in my mum's hand. heard from my mum that he is still a very naughty dog, sprinting here and there. my sis bought him for his 2nd injection last saturday. when the needle was poked into him, he yelped and squirm.. haha. the 1st time he was injected, he just turned and looked at the doctor. maybe he was wondering " what the hell are u doing to me?!! " my sis told me that he was moody and no mood to play for the whole day after the injection, even when my sis kacau kacau him.
he sure knows how to sulked lehh.. my dad smacked him the other day because he bite the shoes. normally, when my dad came back from work, he will follow my dad here and there. but that day, he just lie that not moving, regardless how my dad called him or whistle him. haiz..