Jul 2, 2006

Ten More Days

10,9,8,... countdown to 11th july 2006. 10 more days and back to johor. wahahaha.. can't wait for it to come. bck to my house, my family and my friends. i missed staying at my own house. u all should know well, it is not the same living alone and living with in-laws. there are many things you need to watched out for and there can't be big body movement. like at my own home, i can sit or sprawled on the sofa the way i like it while here, i have to sit a more appropriately. u don't expect me to sleep on the sofa while your fil or mil is beside you watching tv, rite? i guess there will be ups and downs of living with in-laws. i don't need to do wash the toilet, swipe the floor, mop the floor or wipe the glass. i can't complain much already, since i got the whole day by myself at home. i can work as i like, surf the net when i like, msn, listening to music or watching tv, or even do everything at the same time. i don't have manager or supervisor bothering me with all kinds of stupid questions. ok enough said about that topic.

i will most properly stay for 2 weeks in johor. 2 weeks is never never enough for me. i have to treasure the time there and make full use of my time. look for my friends, updating and spend more time accompanying my parents. by the way, i AM watching worldcup as i am writing this and its raining heavily outside. england vs portugal. 10 vs 11. yup, england only have 1o players cos that rooney kicked someones' ass and he got kicked out by the referee. which team will win? it's kinda exciting but i won't lose my head over it. and certainly i won't go "yes, yes, yes, GOAL!!!" over it. it's coming to the end now. another 10 mins to go. wanna bet? haha..

i think i am spending too much time on the pc nowadays. i was practically in front of the pc ermm, i think around 6 to 7 hours a day. i think my eyesight is getting weaker. i must remind myself to refrain from sitting in front of the pc too long. but once you started browsing, there is really a lot of things to do, blogs to read and play with the blog's html code. experimenting with this and that. it's fun and improve your knowledge too.

one more complain. i hate the drivers in miri here. wondering how they got their licenses. they are like strolling in the park. taking their own sweet time. on a straight road, without any car in front of them, he/she can drive, i think at 30km/h, looking right and left, enjoying the scenary where there is only rows of shops which i think they already passed by countless of times. it's true. and today another example. i was going into a roundabout, where there is a small small accident involving a wira and kancil. i think only the rear got scratched. then came a four wheel pajero. the driver just STOPPED in the middle of the roundabout because i think he knows one of the driver of the accident. luckily there was no car following behind it. i can't believe it. like that he also dare. walaooooo... can't stand it. really can't stand it. they like stopping in the middle of the road like they own it and do whatver they like on it. puiii...

it's 1.10am and i m getting sleepy now. think i will go to sleep now. the football match still not yet finish. extra 30 mins since can't determine the winner. goodnite and sweet dreams...