Jul 10, 2006

so finally the day has arrived. world cup has finally came to an end. back to normal routine for the soccer fans. and as for me, is the day before going back to johor after almost 6 mths. is relax, relax and again, relax. wahahaha. occasionally, i got homesick. i think about my family, my friends, the food and etc.. here i go again. haha..i know i mentioned it in my previous post. but i couldn't stand it, and anyway, it's my blog and i can write whatever i want, even if i want to repeat it every post. ;P

and its confirm, i'll be going to cambodia for the 2nd time. accompany my mum over as she will be going to taiwan with my cousin for 10 days. how i wish i can go. but no, i got to save more. anyway, this time the trip to cambodia will be a short short trip. only for 4 days. but what the heck? also holidays ma.. last time when i went cambodia, i stay there for about a week and i went to siem reap to visit the angkor wat, capital of the ancient Khmer Empire . it's so so so exciting and an eye opener for me. it took us about five hours from phonm penh to siem reap. i like it very much cos it seems so full of mysterious stories behind it and the building is so magnificient to look at and it keeps you wondering how people dated back to the 12th century builded it without all the techonologies.

anyway, i'll post some of my previous photos over there when i came back from johor. will be back in 3 weeks times.