Jun 26, 2006

Boring Me Me

last saturday nite, i was soo bored that i watched slam dunk for the second time. very "wu liao", rite? but i like watching slam dunk. it is the 1st and the only cartoon drama which i liked it best. 1st time i watched was during my college days. and it seems so long ago.

and kj was busy watching his world cup with his bro that i think he got no time to entertain me. so when i was unable to continue on watching the cartoon, i woke up my dog, dodo, which was by then sleeping soundly. then me, who eat too full nothing to do, decided to try and tie up his hair, since it's so long. and the obedient dog just sit quietly and let me do whatever i am doing. haha..
and tell you guys one good news. i got an A for my book-keeping level one exam. wahahahhaha.. so today i completed my last day of my course. 3 months of lessons went by just like that. my lecturer was not bad. at least i managed to understand what he was teaching. was thinking should i go for level two a not. but it's just a thought only..