Jun 21, 2006

i finished my UBS course last week. i wonder whether have i really attended 5 times of classes which took 5 weeks. the time went by so fast and the bad news is i don't think i learned anything useful from it. damn it... i mean, i sure know how to operate the system (staying at home also can learn liao) but then you all should know lar, that the assignment given can't compare with the "real" things, rite?! n i think that the lady teaching the course seems younger than me and she just graduated last year from uni. and somemore this is her first job!! so what will you all think? while i was attending the course, i did all the assignment alone and when i encountered some problems, i asked her about it. the conversations goes as below :

example 1
me : er, miss why does this came out when i click on this ah?
miss : erm.. ermm..
me : then why i cannot restore my works from the diskette?
miss : erm.. ermm.. let me think ah. u do others first.
me : *roll eyes*

example 2
me : miss can i use a pen drive to backup my works instead of using a diskette?
miss : ermm..
me : cos i did not install a floppy drive for my house's pc.
miss : ermm.. i'm not sure, but you can try lar urself lor...
me : huh?!

see what i mean? yeah, she's a graduate alright, but then the school should at least employed someone with better teaching abilities than her. i mean, she's a nice lady, but come on, i paid to learn something. and with that kind of teaching, i might as well sit at home and do some self learning instead and save the money for others things. so now that left me in the middle of nowhere.... *_*

another thing is, I have 4 stupid ulcers in my mouth. aaarrghhh... 2 on the upper of my lip, 2 at the bottom side. balance rite? and i can feel another one coming. i hate those ulcers. the pain is excruciating! and it gets worse as the day goes by. i dread having to brush my teeth cos the pain is unbearable. guess i have been eating too much "heaty" food the past few days. luckily i have those "watermelon powder spray" on standby. for me it is quite effective to cure those stupid ulcers. i think i got to boil some "liang cha" to curb the heat... so off i go now.