Jun 11, 2006

Photo Book

i was going through some blogsites last few weeks and i came across this website promoting pixart introduced by one of the bloggers whereby you can create your own photo book online. you only need to install the free software on your pc, then select your desired photos, create your pages, upload it and finally purchase it. it just a few simple steps.

anyway, i decided to give it a try, selected some of my wedding photos which i haven't got round to developed it (i know is very lazy of me) and VOILA!! they got it delivered right up to my doorstep within 1 week. i paid rm96 for 11 double side pages including courier fee. and there is a discount of 10% for photo books purchased this month. and i absolutely love it.

I think it's a pretty nifty idea, because since you will bound to forget or too lazy (like me) to developed the photos each time you took it. and i can personalise it the way i like it and there are spaces for me to write down caption or even a whole story behind the photo. so tada....

not bad, huh?!