Jun 3, 2006

Lucky Lucky

holidays, holidays & holidays...haha. a total of 4 days off. is Hari Gawai here on the 1st & 2nd and 3rd is Agong's birthday plus sunday. yipee, yipee. but there's nothing planned for these 4 days. so off we went for fishing again. 2 days in a row. i think this should be the ermm, mabbe around the 8th time we went fishing but we caught nothing at all. a bit bored liao. anyway, today after waiting for around 2 hours without a fish in sight, kj decided to use a mineral bottle as his fishing rod. he "eat too full nothing to do ah". but hey, he caught a very small fish and a crab using that thinglehh. haha.. so, afterall, it is a lucky day indeed.

anyway, as i mentioned before, i was waiting for the air tickets to go back johor to drop. and guess what?!! u r right, it dropped. n it drop till it is unbelieveable. wahahahhaha... sooo cheap. it's only rm39.99 excluding tax. that's mean for the 2 of us including taxes will be only rm179.98. imagine the difference between rm600 and rm179.98. i was sooooooo happy. so i will be going back next month on the 11th. hoorrayy. it will be 5 mths since i last went back. so again, i'll be back NEXT MONTH........................ it's sure a lucky lucky day indeed.!!