May 28, 2006

Fishing And Buffet

this evening me n kj went fising again. this time we bought Dodo along. we thought he will just quietly lie under the trees and enjoy the scenary (haha) and sea breeze, since last time when we went fishing, we saw a shih tze dog which was soooo obedient and quiet. the dog jus lay on the mat while the owner fish. but how wrong we are to bring Dodo. i have to tie him up cos he keeps running away, sniffing here and there, since its a new place for him. when i tie him up, he keeps whining away, begging to let loose. but we ignore him. he grew restless and started to bark loudly. as i m afraid he will disturb other people who are fishing, i got no choice but to take him for a walk. after that i tie him up again, this time i tie him to the car. and he after that he seems contended resting under the car...

we went for this buffet dinner at this Dynasty Hotel just now. the theme is "muhibbah calvary". actually i don't really know what's the meaning of that, but this waiter at the cafe told me that it is a combination of both european and asean foods. ooohhh... anyway, there were really lots of variety of foods, eg, crabs, prawns, roast lambs, roast beefs, roast chicken wings, "siew mai", and lot and lots of dessert. i decided to sample each of them. so i took a bit of this, and a bit of that. but after trying the foods, i don't have that kind of feeling to have a second round of any of the foods. guess why??!! it's disappointing.. the only things that i have for second helping is the blueberry cake with ice cream and apple sauce. the roast lamb is not bad lar compared to the roast beef which was so hard to chew. anyway, it cost us RM38++ each. actually for me, i think that all this buffets in Miri really cannot compared with those in KLs'. although the buffets in KL are expensive, but its worth it.

i went before to a buffet lunch cum high tea at this Hotel Nikko (if i remember correctly) with my college friends. i think it cost around RM40 something. hey, that time RM40 for us student is very big lehh. anyway, we started to have our buffet at around 1 something in the afternoon and we sat through the whole afternoon till around 5 something..haha..we have to eat back what we paid ma..the ambience in this cafe was soooo nice. there were a group of ppl where they sang songs live by our table, playing violin, guitar, saxaphone.. we just sat there and relax and digest what we ate and went for many rounds again. it left a very deep impression in my memory. but i wonder what the waiter/waitress at that time think of us 4 girls sitting there through 4 hours plus..

p/s : this is my first time using photoshop to create these photos. i know is only some very simple photos but i finaaaally learn the basic use of the tools in photoshop to create it. haha... so happy..


maslakon said...

your dog is very funny. I so wanted a dog like your dog