Mar 27, 2006


i have been asking KJ to go to the seaside for ages. he seems to say ok ok all the time without any action. so today i brought up again the topic n all he say was "let's go". haha. wonder if he is scared of me nagging him a not. so off we went with DODO together. DODO seems to know that we are going to take him out as he seems excited n keep circling around.

upon arriving, i m having doubts, cos the sun is glazing ah. but no choice, since i am the one suggesting to come. cant complain lehh. braving the sun, i led DODO down the beach. this is the first time he came to the beach since when he is only about 5 months. at that time, he loves the sea n keep rushing into the water n swim. but too bad, cos after around 1 year plus, he forgets about it n i have to practically drag him into the water. the moment his feets touch the water, he runs towards the beach, this time round dragging me with him. i have to put him on a lead cos he will go chasing strangers. another changes with him, cos last time he will follow us quietly except with some sniffing here n there. anyway, not willing to give up, KJ drag him again into water n walk deeper n deeper. No choice, he got to follow unwillingly. poor DODO. are we being cruel?! haha...

here's a video showing how scared DODO is.
cruel us......