Mar 23, 2006

About Crabs, Fish and Instant Noodles

to my suprised, KJ n his bro brought back fish n 3 big crabs from a roadside fish market, all cleaned n ready to cooked. they are going to cook. OMG, are you sure you 2 want to do this?!, i heard myself asking in my heart. but they are serious, not only they bought back the fish n crabs, they bought loads of instant noodles, for stocking up in case they got hungry after watching football, ketchup, onions, bla bla bla...

anyway, they called up MIL to ask about the recipe n set to cook it. first, the crabs, 2 female n 1 male crabs with big big pincers, yummy. too bad they already cut it into half, or else i can take down the pictures n show it to you guys. so, i set out to scrub the crabs clean n hand it over to the 2 big man n set aside n watch their great skills. haha.

next the fish. is a "parrot fish". for me, i think the steaming the fish is the easiest. clean it, arrange it in a plate, rub some salt, out some garnishing, steam for 10 mins n its ready. so forsteaming this "parrot fish", its my job.

n finally, the combine results of the 3 of us... ta dang....

how is it? the fish taste the best. the meat is so flesh n smooth. the crabs sauce is not bad too, considering our 1st time trying. the flop is, the sauce seems cant go through the meat. but overall, a happy n fufilling dinner. :-)