Mar 18, 2006

First Time

finally got this blog set up. have been meaning to do it since a few months ago but never set my heart to do it, lazy me and also i m afraid that i wont have anything to write down. actually, i din expect to start blogging but then i enjoy reading other ppl's blog especially those funny n touching ones, so why not n go ahead n try?! anyway, this site will be a place to pen down my thoughts, family, friends, daily life, this n that. will try to update it as often as possible. ok, quit all the opening words.

so what should i 1st blog about? hmmm... ok here is it. since you all thought that i don't work over here in MIRI, let me tell you guys, i DO work here but i am a totally new inexperienced staff working as "admin staff" which covers everything, accounts, updating the blog for KJ's company, run errands, wash the clothes, hang out the clothes, take in the clothes, fold the clothes, keep the household cleans. seems a lot huh..haha. that's the price for not being a full time staff at others company. but working at home is good too, i can go on and on and on surfing net, msn, watch tv, and working all at the same time without anybody bothering. i can go shopping half way through my work too. but there's nobody else, except my dog n friends in msn who accompanys me the whole day. damn sian too.. but no choice leh, wat to do, as the old saying goes "jia ji shui ji, jia gou shu gou",(correct a not huh?!).

actually, will like to add some pictures of my workplace cum home for u guys to see, but KJ took the camera with him to work, so it will have to be next time. so, till then. ciao!!


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