Mar 30, 2006

No Internet Connection and a Fringe

no internet connection for ONE WHOLE DAY yesterday. urrggghhhhh.... the worst thing have to happen. how did i survive the whole day without internet connection. ermmm, i just laze around, read books n play solitaire (the game in pc itself), a game which i did not touch since college days. damn sian ah. at least with internet i can surf net endlessly n msn with friends. anyway, i did one thing i have been wanting to do but too lazy to do it. i cut my hair n got myself a fringe..haha. i also pampered myself by washing my hair, so relaxing. by the way, saloons really can earn a lot lehh, jus by shampooing n cutting my hair, i spend around RM40 for it. all for a skill only. anyway here's my fringe....

no bad lar for the $$ spend. at least i got a comfortable hair washing n a FRINGE!!