Apr 6, 2006


finally, after 5 days without internet connection and pc problem, i'm back. urrggghhh..again. feel so lost without internet. this time not only streamyx problem, even my pc went on a strike. windows corrupted, unable to go into internet explorer. "sui ah". after countless of calls to Tmnet technical services and Dell tecnical services, finally all problems solved. have to reformat my pc all over again. 1st thing i have done once i got internet connection is to download msn messenger. seems too long since i msn, have to catch up with what's happening around ma.

anyway, nothing happen much over the past few days. is just that my hp seems going on a strike too. and worst still, KJ's hp seems going on a strike too. mine's problem is no battery all the time regardless of all the charging. so cant chat too long on the phone, while KJ's problem is worst. he has to press hard at the speaker so the caller can hear what he says. "sui again ah". why does it have to happen together. :-( previously i already saw a hp which i want to buy long long time ago, Sony Erricson W800i.

but then i saw another which i like it even more, Nokia's N70. hehe..but more expensive. the sony erricson now cost ard rm1100 while the nokia's N70 cost ard rm1600.

which one nicer? for me sure is this N70. more functions and is a 3G phone. but i m quite stingy when it comes to buying hp. i don't like to fork out more than a thousand dollars for just a phone. but i think have to wait for another month first and see how. *sigh*

i started my first accounting class last monday. a very very small class which consists of only 4 students including me. very few hor? but good, cos then the lecturer will be able to concentrate more and we can ask more question. two classes of 2 hours per week. senang senang sahaja ehh?! well, not for me since i don't have the slighest idea what accounting is all about (help help), except figures and figures and figures. oh ya debit and credits too. i think i am going to have a headache soon. hopefully i can understand all those figures and concepts. guys, pray for me...


P P z602 ShotZzz said...

I also planning to buy w800i leh... what is the price in miri? my place here is around RM1050 nowadays since w810i has launched :)