May 2, 2008

Labour Day

so, yesterday was labour day. what did i do the whole day? well, basically, there's nothing much you can do in miri. shopping? nawww... there are only 3 choices for me to pick if i want to go shopping. and the "nicest" shopping place will be only Parkson. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT????

argghh.. i am always deprived of shopping activities while i am over here in miri. so, i am sort of crazy when i am back to johor. activities when i am back in johor consists mostly of shopping, shopping and shopping. if not enough, then continue to shop in singapore. haha..

activities other than shopping? maybe you all will tell me can go jungle trekking or hiking since there are so many national parks over here in sarawak. well, i tell you, i have been to all, if not all, almost all the parks around here. you name it, Mulu Caves, Niah Caves, Lambir National Park, Loagan Bunut National Park. not much hor.. and it is not that interesting which will have me back the 2nd time.
other that shopping and jungle trekking? watch tv or surf net. yeah, that's what i do during my weekends and public holidays. it is BORED, BORED and BORED.

so, since i forbidded kj to go fishing yesterday (haha, i know it is bad of me, but i dun care cos I AM not going to stay home and watch tv or surf net the whole day), i suggested to bring the dogs to the beach. and that's is in the evening. and yeah, the whole morning was spent watching tv and surf net too. haha.. so off we went to the beach with the dogs.

the dogs were super excited especially my shihtzu, keep whinning and whinning all the way to the beach. well, i know you are going to ask me, how does he knows that we are bringing him out? haha, is becos he saw us took his leash and he knows that we are brining him somewhere. and all the while, the blur golden just sit at the back of the hilux and enjoying the view.din took much photo since i dun have my camera with me, but took some videos. my golden enjoyed it tremendously and he absolutely loves the water while the shihtzu was behaving like a lady, scared of the water. when the waves came near him, he will back off.

the last video is funny. cos when all of us go into the water, my shihtzu is scared to follow us and he yelps at us and wants us to go back to the shore. the dogs has a really good time running wild on the deserted beach. but the downside is, i am more tanned. ahh..

p/s : 1st time using the video feature. dunno can watch a not leh. i try watching myself but it keeps on buffering. so if cannot watch, leave me a comment, yeah..

p/p/s : i am sorry for the poor video quality and the constant shaking cos i used my hp to take the video cos no camera with me!!


Jenna said...

Looks like they had a good time! : ]

Britt Marie said...

Your dogs are so adorable. Great pictures!

Joe said...

ooo I'm so jealous - time for a vacation!!

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Thats a nice holiday that you enjoyed . I am missing my.

Photobuch said...

The Pictures of Dog is nice. You enjoyed the vacation good. That's great!. Thanks for sharing with us.

rennrad said...

Nice enjoyable day. cheers.

Kristian Liebrand said...

Its good to go on a vacation and even much better if we enjoy it at our midst. The dogs pics are very nice and even the scene around is beautifying.

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