Apr 17, 2008


i am going to hong kong soon. i am sure that there will be a lot of walking. there i will need a very good and comfortable shoes asit is very important cos i can reduce stress on the plantar fascia ligament. luckily there was this Superfeet. anyone heard of Superfeet before? well, let me tell you. it is an insole which provides maximum support, balance and shock absorption to the feet. it is very suitable for hiking, walking, running, snowboarding and many others activities. it will help to hold the rear foot close to a neutral position. the neutral position will allow for better bone and muscle alignment.


Faraz said...

wow thanks for the cool product, superfeet is just what I was looking for. I have some sort of sole problem and have trouble running, I'm sure this insole will solve my problems. Now to find if they ship to my country or not. Thx again :)

okinava said...

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Eminem albums said...

i hope you;ll have nice time in HongKong!