Apr 22, 2008

done it..

finally i have made my bookings for the rooms in hongkong. and we have decided to come back a day early for our friends wedding while my parents stay there for another day. actually it has been quite hard to make up my mind which hotel to book. heh.. i tried to narrow down all the hotels which i have in mind. but after narrowing down all the lists, i still go back and checked out other hotels too. i think i am too "fickle-minded". kj has repeatedly told me that i have problems in deciding between options. and yeah, i admitted it too. i tend to think a lot when making a decision and hence, mostly can't make up my mind what to pick. haha...

but anyway, that's one down and the next mission is to book the rooms in macau. luckily we have decided not to stay in shenzhen, hence less headache. and hehe, luckily, flights and accomodation for me and kj and my parents are all "sponsored" by advertisers. thanks a lot, yeah, dear advertisers.


Katrina said...

I really understand why you have to make sure that when you arrive to Hongkong all must be in order and you won't regret any on your vacation. I myself is like that. I always sure that I know what will happen next and I always do make sure it is according to my expectation and if ever not the way I want it to be, at least I have made my plans.


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How do you find Hongkong?