Mar 24, 2008

a wedding shop

i have a few friends getting married this year and i have a hard time thinking what to give them as present. i need these presents to be special as well as elegant. and i think my friends too, have a hard time thinking what to give their guests as wedding favour. and my friends has been pestering me to give them some unique wedding favor ideas. i have a hard time thinking ideas for them since they need it to be special and as well as unique. i am going to surf the net now to see whether there are any new ideas.


erp said...

You can suggest to give them household items since they are gettng married and building a family, household items like irons, cutleries would be useful.

Best for Wedding said...

Aww! That is soo cute. I came to your site researching for my upcoming wedding. I can add this as an option to my wedding ideas list :D


Beatles Albums said...

i'm sure you'll look like gorgeous at the wedding!