Mar 25, 2008

happy belated anniversary

oppss.. i have forgotten that 18th of march is my blog's 2nd anniversary. i stated to go through my old posts when i suddenly saw that my first post was on the 18th of march 2006. woww, time flew so fast and it has been two years since i started blogging.

i know that my blog is already upside down with all those crappy and paid posts. but bear with it lar, ok? thanks, yeah.. although it has been filled with a lot pf paid posts, i am glad that becos of those paid posts, i really make some extra income. and to say that it is a lot, it is not. but to say that is is not much, it is not too. but at least it helps.. haha..

anyway, happy belated 2nd anniversary to!!


erp said...

happy belated 2nd anniversary too. keep on blogging ok. wish you all the good luck!

Young Jeezy Albums said...

my congrat! keep up nice job!