Mar 11, 2008


i still have not done any booking for my trip to hongkong this coming june. i am so lazy to go through the web for more information. i really need to do any more bookings cos if not, i won't have time to do more.
anyway, kj ask me to go through those Orlando Hotels. hehe.. maybe he is thinking of bringing me to orlando? i really hope he will bring me there during the year end holidays. but anyway, before all these, i have to make sure i done my booking for this coming trip in june. ok, time for some serious web surfing...


Expat said...

Hey.... why don't u have some experiment.. Go over there without any booking. surely u gonna find some beautiful place. there is no doubt. but before checking in u must have some different feeling, some fear, some insecurity. how about having some experience like that.?

Beatles Albums said...

hurry up to reserve a hotel!