Feb 23, 2008

a whole new experience

kj went to renew his passport when we went back for chinese new year. well, because it has been a long long time since we last renew our passport, we weren't expecting any "good" service from those immigration ppl. i think most of you should know how those ppl worked, right?

well, anyway, as i said, we haven't renew our passport since a long long time, so we woke up quite early at about 8 am in the morning to start out journey. although it is not that far, but scared will stucked in a jammed so we started early. we reached there quite early since no jam, around 9 am. when went to have kj's photo taken at a nearby shop, the owner told us that now we can renew our passport using a machine. i was like 'wow'.. how come there's something like that. so nice. we were so out-dated liao. anyway, once kj has taken his photo, we straight away went to the machine and try to renew the passport there. the officer in charge was very very nice. ehhh, first time seeing those government staffs so nice and polite, i tell you. he was so polite and patient as kj's Mykad's chip was spoilt, thus the machine was unable to read the data. so no choice, we got to go over to the counter and renew the passport. the lady which gave us a number was super friendly also, kept smiling at us and told us to go upstair. once there, we sat down and wait. kj started to read the newspaper which he bought along because he thought we have to wait a long long time. but he barely able to turn to the 2nd page and our number is being called. super fast lah.. den do do do... done. everything done in less than 15 minutes and told to collect the passport in 2 hours time. wooowwww.... a really new experience lo.. the service was efficient, the staffs were so polite and nice and patient. one even stood at the door greeting us and saying thank you and bye bye..

it is indeed an eye opener experience for us.


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