Feb 2, 2008

poor dogs..

i just send my two dogs to the vet for boarding. have to stay in cage for a total of 12 days. but luckily the vet put both of them inside a cage together so that they can accompany each other.. the golden still ok, like blur blur and went straight inside the cage while the shih tze's like cautiously sniffing here and there before he goes inside the cage. once inside the cage i then closed the door to see what's their reaction. the golden like "wah.. a new place" and never bothers about me while the poor shih tze keep scratching the door wanting to be let out. oohh, when you see that, it seems like we are so cold-blooded, i tell you. but no choice, we quickly went away before he start barking. haiishh.. poor dogs!!

fighting for their favourite ball..


Bingo Online said...

those are cute little doggies

i'm looking into adopting some toy dogs

any suggestions?

Red Nose Pitbulls said...

its a great post...like it

Lady Gaga Alejandro said...

what a photo! i really like your dogs!!!