Jan 20, 2008


i finally booked the flight tickets to macau in june. my parents are going with me and kj. we will be staying there for about a week. plan to stay in macau for 2 days, hongkong for 3 days and maybe shenzhen for 2 days. i just booked the flight tickets but not yet decided on the accomodation yet. anyone got good recommendation?

i have yet to decide on the itinery yet because i want to go through the web and see where we should go for sight seeing. i know that when we go that time it will be summer and it will be quite hot too. but no choice, can't squeeze in other time to go. anyway, can't wait for the holidays!!


huisia said...

macau no need 2 days la, just a small place, really nothing to play unless you wanna go to casino.

jazzmint said...

haha yah..like hui sia say u don't need 2 days, i think i finish walking most of the macau within 1 day, but with parents probably u need to slow slow a bit.

don't forget to visit the lighthouse, the view fr there is superb ;)

and of course eat the famous portuguese eggtart

BMS Travel said...

Macau is the oldest and the last European colony based in China. There are sixteen casinos altogether in Macau which are worth paying a visit to if your a keen gambler.

Metallica Albums said...

i wish you spend good holidays! Have a good fun!