Jan 19, 2008


i have been "handphone-less" for more than 2 weeks already. actually kj's phone is spoilt and he use mine and i have nobody else to use. and all because of him being careless. he actually walked into the sea to retrieve something but suddenly the sand is not even and he sliped and his phone and wallet are all wet. arrgghhh, the phone even can't be on after dropped into the water. and somemore salt water too.

send it for repair but there are no spare parts available for the broken parts. siennzzz, i dun wan to buy a new hp because i think it is a waste of money. for me, all i need is only dial in and dial out and also as an alarm clock. sienzzz again.....


Lady Gaga Alejandro said...

oh, i can't imagine my life without cell phone!! i'm so addicted to it!